What Causes Dark Circles under eye?

What Causes Dark Circles under eye?

Many people suffer from dark under-eye circles.    What causes this troublesome problem.  There are several possible causes. 

The primary cause is hereditary.  The predisposition for dark circles is inherited.  Dark circles appear when blood leaks from the capillaries around the eye area.  Some people have weaker capillaries causing them to leak more.  Also, skin tone is hereditary as well as a factor.  People with more transparent skin will have more dramatic dark circles. 


Even if hereditary is the primary factor, there are other contributing causes of dark circles.  Sun exposure increases melanin levels and makes the skin look darker.  This may intensify the appearance of dark circles. 

Dark circles under the eyes are often attributed to lack of sleep.  While being tired does not cause dark circles it may make their appearance more noticeable.  When you are tired or sick your skin is often pale.  This will make dark circles around the eyes more noticeable.  Hormones may also may the skin pale and increase the appearance of dark circles.  

There are face creams that can help. These face creams use peptides that help to reduce all the signs and symptoms of puffy eyes and dark circles.

Some people believe that allergies cause dark circles.  Many doctors indeed consider dark circles in children a sign of allergies.  Allergic reactions can cause dark circles to appear.  Also, rubbing itchy eyes may intensify the appearance of dark circles. 

Dark circles do worsen as a person gets older.  Skin becomes thinner as we age.  Thinner skin allows the discoloration under the eyes to be more visible.  This is why many people start to notice dark circles much more when they get older.

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