Laser Technology For Cellulite Reduction

Laser Technology For Cellulite Reduction


 Uses Of Laser Technology For Cellulite Reduction

Surgical methods are becoming extremely exact and less invasive with technological advancements such as laser technology. These developments cross a lot of branches of medicine including cosmetic surgery. Cellulase, which offers everlasting cellulite reduction for the very first time in history, is one of the newest examples of aesthetic laser equipment.

How does the laser work?

The laser is an acronym. It stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Essentially, laser technology makes use of focused beams of extreme light. 


Most light carries a wide spectrum of colors, but the laser equipment used in surgery uses only one color, the choice of which is determined by the kind of surgery being conducted. The light is absorbed by structures in the body producing heat and will be used as a scalpel if the intensity is set appropriately.

Benefits of laser medical technology

One of the great advantages of laser technology is that it can execute incisions without the extreme bleeding caused by surgical knives. The laser will cauterize the wound accelerating healing. 

Lasers can very fast reach areas of the body that are hard to access by customary techniques. Since many different colors of light affect several different structures, lasers will also be designed to work on specific structures while leaving surrounding tissues intact.

Lasers were discovered in 1958 and during the first years were used primarily in laboratories and for business purposes. During the 1970s lasers moved into the world of medicine and the technology has higher at a fast pace.

Dr. Diktaban, a Manhattan cosmetic surgeon, has been ahead in the testing and implementation of laser technology for aesthetic surgery. Lasers are now utilized in a variety of cosmetic procedures with wrinkle removal, treatment for acne scars and other skin conditions, and most recently, for cellulite reduction.

Cellulase treatment

In January 2012 the FDA gave authorization to the latest cosmetic laser equipment by Cynosure called Cellulase that is designed to smooth and tighten cellulite on the buttocks, thighs, legs, and torso. This is the very first cellulite reduction treatment that goes below the skin to rectify the structural causes of cellulite.

Traditional therapies for cellulite – lotions, rollers, dietary supplements, and wraps – do not address the reasons for cellulite and do not eradicate cellulite. 

At best, some of the “cures” recover skin conditions and provide a provisional improvement in the development of the affected parts. The biggest disadvantage though is that the procedures can’t discontinue. If they do, the growth reverts to its earlier condition since the issue has never been corrected.

Cellulase, on the other hand, offers genuine, long-term cellulite reduction with just one medication. In as little as 60 to 90 minutes your plastic surgeon can remove the underlying problems that cause cellulite. 

The final consequences take several weeks to a few months to attain, but further procedures are unnecessary. According to Patients who have undergone the medication about two years ago reported that cellulite has not returned 

How Cellulaze works?

Your physician can initially determine with you what parts are most affected and need treatment. He can use local anesthesia and make a few little incisions across the treatment places. 

Cellulite is induced by constricted fibers that encompass the fat cells located directly under the skin. Over time these fibers turn into taunts and pull down on the skin which forces the fat in the cell to bulge upward. 

If the skin becomes dry or begins to cut down on its flexibility the bulges become more visible and the result is a bumpy, cottage cheese appearance.

The very first step in cellulite reduction with Cellulaze™ is to direct the laser at the constricted fibers. The light cuts in the connective tissue, releasing the band and the pressure it is exerting on the skin. 

The laser is then pointed in the direction of the skin where the temperature stimulates collagen production which in turn improves elasticity and develops the thickness of the skin. Research shows a 29% increase in elasticity and a 25% regular increase in skin thickness one year after a Cellulaze™ treatment. 

During the practice, some of the fat inside the cells is melted and this is eased out of the incision sites, another significant aspect of the cellulite reduction process.

Stop wasting your money on accessories that do not relinquish. Contact Dr. Diktaban today to see what Cellulase Cellulite Fat Removal can perform for you. Dr. Theodore Diktaban, a board-certified plastic surgeon and certified otolaryngologist, has worked for years pioneering methods of minimally invasive liposuction. 

In over 30 years of practice, he has carried out a lot more than 20,000 procedures and brings expertise to every patient’s care not obtainable in so many practices. 

He performs low-fat injection body sculpting at his offices in New York City for patients from all around the tri-state region as well and countries all over the world. Contact him for a private consultation.

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