5 Reasons To Avoid Keto GenX: Full Review Of These Keto Pills

5 Reasons To Avoid Keto GenX: Full Review Of These Keto Pills


Keto GenX Review: With celebrities and influencers talking about the keto diet, the whole concept has become quite hyped. Many people are trying to flatten their stomachs and lose weight through the process of ketosis. Quite understandably, most of these people fail. This is due to two main reasons:

We are not used to eating high-fat foods as in most countries, the staple diet consists of carbohydrates.
Secondly, we do not have a habit of eating a certain kind of food only.
It is not only about the keto diet. No matter what kind of diet you are trying to follow, it will take you some time to get used to it.

Due to this, most people use supplements instead of following a diet. One of the supplements that are used for weight loss is Keto GenX. The company says that they have sold hundreds of bottles of the supplement and the popularity keeps increasing.

It is the idea of losing weight through an easy way that makes people buy supplements such as this one. However, this does not mean that the supplement is effective or that it is safe for usage. We will take a look at the different factors that indicate whether you should use a supplement or toss it in the trash.

Introduction to Keto GenX

Keto GenX is a keto-based weight loss supplement that supposedly aids in bringing instant weight loss. The manufacturers of this supplement say that they have made it support those people who do not want to sweat in the gym or do not have the dedication to following a diet. They say that this supplement is basically the keto diet in a pill.

They go as far as making claims that this supplement would help people lose up to one pound in a day.
It contains the major ketone, called BHB, for starting ketosis. The manufacturers claim that their supplement starts ketosis for a long period so that your body can burn the fat continuously.

There are a lot of supplements out there that come with similar claims. However, the issue with these supplements is that they are neither helpful nor safe. The only proper way to get into ketosis is to follow the keto diet. When you eat fat-rich foods on a daily basis, you can keep your body in that state of metabolism. A pill would not be able to bring the same effect.

How Does Keto GenX Work?

Under normal conditions, your body breaks down the sugars to produce energy in the form of ATP. ATP is the energy currency that the body uses for performing different functions. Keto GenX works by changing the energy source from sugars to fats. Since fats are rich in energy, they are saved as reserve food. The body only uses fats when it does not have any other source of food.

However, Keto GenX Reviews tricks the body into thinking that it does not have enough alternate sources so it needs to use fats.
It does so by increasing the ketone content in the body due to which the body shifts towards fat usage.
When the body detects an increase in ketones, it will think that carbs are lesser in number.
Then, the body would use fats to drive all reactions.
This is the same mechanism that takes place during a keto diet. When you are on a keto diet, you would eat more fats so that the body does not use carbohydrates. In this way, the body would slowly start using fats that are present as a reserve. When you start using Keto GenX, the higher number of ketones induces your body towards breaking down more fats.

Who is Keto GenX for?

Just like any other supplement, Keto GenX is also for everyone who wants to lose weight. The manufacturers of this supplement say that they have curated it to be a universal supplement.
However, they fail to mention who should definitely not use this supplement. Let us warn you that you should not use Keto GenX if you are ill or you are taking prescription medicine for any illness. The ingredients present in this supplement can interfere with the working of compounds present in your medicine.

How To Use Keto GenX?

You have to use Keto GenX on a daily basis. This supplement is present in the form of a pill and you do not have to mix it with any liquid.
Take 2 soft gels of Keto GenX every single day, in the morning.
Swallow them with water.
Try to eat high-fat foods when you are using the supplement.
The manufacturers say that if you use the supplement continuously for three months, it will help in making your waistline slimmer and tummy flatter.

Does Keto GenX Work?

Let us keep this short and simple: the supplement does not cause fat loss. Initially, you might feel like it is working but that is just the water weight going away. If you are hoping for the supplement to burn the fat from your body, that will not happen.

Ingredients of Keto GenX

We do not know about all the keto genx ingredients present in this supplement as the manufacturers have not disclosed the complete list. However, we do know of a few ingredients.

Raspberry Ketones

Since weight loss supplements induce ketosis artificially, they must have exogenous ketones as their ingredient. Raspberry ketones increase the ketone content of the bloodstream. Consequently, the body goes into ketosis to metabolize more fats.

Green Tea Extract

Another ingredient present in this supplement is green tea extract. Green tea has been a part of herbal medicine for centuries. It has been added to Keto GenX as green tea extract makes the body slim and clean. Due to its cleansing property, the ingredient helps in removing toxins from the system.


Forskolin complements the working of ketones. It does not directly affect ketosis but it does help in making the body slimmer by increasing the rate of metabolism. When the metabolic rate is high, the body burns more nutrients for energy production.

Side Effects of Keto GenX

Keto GenX has the same side effects that most other weight loss supplements have. One of these side effects is jitters. Weight loss supplements have stimulants in them as they can cause jitters if consumed over a long time.

Other than this, the supplement also causes insomnia and restlessness in users. The main reason behind these side effects is that the supplement works artificially. Ketosis is a state that your body goes into for survival. It is not a normal bodily condition. Thus, if you are taking anything for inducing this state artificially, it will be of harm to the body.

What are the 5 Reasons to Avoid Keto GenX Pills?

We started having our doubts about Keto GenX when we saw that there was no research for it. Even though the claims on the company’s website seem very promising, they are not proof that the supplement would actually work.

  1. It is very important for a supplement to undergo testing and supervision. However, Keto GenX did not go through such a safety protocol.
  2. Also, the complete ingredient list has not been disclosed.
  3. The main layout of the website is pretty similar to many other sites and it seems like the company has done no individual research into putting together this formula.
  4. The supplement has side effects for users.
  5. Moreover, this supplement has not been supported by any medical expert, doctor, nutritionist or any related personnel.

Keto GenX Reviews

Jay/31 years: I was very fit back in college because I used to play basketball. However, after college ended, I started work and there was no time for working out. Over the years, I gained a lot of weight but never paid attention to it. Recently, I started to realize that if I do not do anything about my weight, it could make me sick. That is when I ordered Keto GenX and started using it. Even after having used it for three months, I noticed no effect. In my opinion, the supplement is absolutely useless and I regret wasting my money on it.

How to Buy?

The company behind Keto GenX has a website on which they are selling this supplement. When you open the website, you would see the option to place an order. Pay for the supplement using your debit card or credit card. A single bottle is available for $69.99. Your order is processed the same day and sent to your home in 3 to 5 business days.

Final Verdict

We have already established that Keto GenX Shark tank is not the right choice for anyone who wants to lose weight. Instead of using it, you should consult a doctor and get a diet chart made for you. Also, follow a workout plan so that your body can stay fit along with being slim.

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